Saturday, 10 March 2012

ESL returns!

It had been almost 3 months since our last meeting and we were long overdue for another ESL event. But without our founding member there were some doubts as to whether or not we would be able to continue.

Thankfully, Chris has graciously handed over the reigns of the London operations of ESL, and will hopefully be starting a Sydney based branch very soon.

The group based projects that we have been taking on recently have been enjoyed by all, and it's great when everyone finishes the afternoon with a finish product to take away.

This time... brooches!

Armed with all of the necessary materials (including some glue that didn't actually have any adhesive properties) we eagerly started work on making as many brooches in an afternoon as possible!

It was really interesting to see how, with the same materials in front of us all, everyone came up with brooches that looked completely different

What was most impressive however, was Eddie's insistence that she could complete her chosen project in a single afternoon - despite 4 people suggesting that she was perhaps being a little over-ambitious. Everyone has thrilled to be proven wrong - and to see her amazing dahlia flower completed.

All of the photos are below, and at the bottom of the post is a link to the tutorial for the dahlia flower brooch.

Eddie's Dahlia brooch in the making

Eddie's brooch, starting to take shape

Katy's finished brooch

Dale's brooch #1

Dale's brooch #2

Jod's brooch #1

Jod's brooch #2

Nec's brooch #1

Nec's brooch #2

Eddie's beautiful finished dahlia
You can make your own version of Eddie's dahlia flower brooch...check out the tutorial here!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Jingle Bells!

The girls managed to squeeze a festive Eat, Sew, Laugh date into their diaries in the silly season.  And in keeping with said silly season, Christmas stockings were the order of the day.  The girls came armed with creativity, craftiness and as always, a healthy appetite!

Leah hosted and catered and with the task ahead of us we needed plenty of sustenance!

The annual Christmas Hampers were also delivered and Jod & Nec excelled themselves this year.  I cannot do justice to their gift but it is well documented here!

Eventually, after glasses were filled and burgeoning plates carefully positioned, the sewing began.  Firstly we had to choose our material: there were stars, candy canes, Santa's and snowflakes; in red, silver and green.  Then an overwhelming selection of  beads, sequins and ribbons.  And finally it all had to be cobbled together! Poor Jod was bugged all day long with "what's next Jod?", "what do I do here Jod?", "where does this go Jod?" ... ahh the burden of the gifted.

And after another mammoth session, we walked out with our completed stockings, as modelled by a very cute Max Johnston, full bellies and notions about what 2012 Eat, Sew, Laugh would bring!

Friday, 2 December 2011

An assorted afternoon

The last catch up at The Old Vicarage was pleasant (to be English :)  Jod catered and with an offer of relish how could I refuse!  Especially when an extra jar made its way into the pantry ... I shall be clocking up some miles to Qld when back in the Sunny Country to get my fix!  Some amazing Red Velvet cupcakes also kept up our energy levels as we worked away.

Dale came ready to learn and set herself up to pick up some crochet skills which Jod was happy to impart.  Jod continued to work on the neverending scarf!  And I had a go at a tutorial I'd seen on A Beautiful Mess ( although I had a slight fail with a small matter of using a permanent marker instead of a soluble one and might have had my elbow patches end up as forearm patches!  It's all a wonderful learning curve :)  Leah and Nicole worked on some verbal creative skills!  And Katy worked on repurposing a garment.

Speaking of which, I managed to make a quick trip to Chiswick Car Boot Sale before the girls came around. Thankfully it is the only time I have managed to get there as you can see from my haul it was more than a little tempting!

The jacket was bought from the woman who owned it who claimed she had many happy memories in it!  The tea set is just so pretty with a cup that Dan said he wouldn't mind drinking out of (compared to the other tea cups I have bought anyway!) and I just can't walked past coloured glass.  I can see the yellow and white material as a scoop neck, sleeveless, baby doll dress and am now pattern hunting!  Not quite sure what to do with the other piece of material but for £1 I will figure out something!  I will also have to find a project for a delightful set of flower vintage buttons.  

Next catch up is at Leah's on Sunday.  We will be making Christmas stockings!  All materials provided so just put your creative hat on!

Trying not to tear up at the thought of this weekend.  Too many last's are happening!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Happy little smoothies

What a fun knit-along!  With Jod's inspiration we got together to knit little beanies for Innocent Smoothies' annual fundraiser for Age UK "helping keep older people warmer in winter".  Dale also had been floating the idea during the last few meets for a bit of a masterclass and this was so much fun that we just may do something similar next time!

Under Jod's guidance, we knitted, purled and pom pommed!  Some were more adept than others ... and let's just say there was a lot of room for improvement!  Take for example my first effort, with buttons sewn to cover the holes!  I have since knitted a replacement which I am much prouder of :)  There will be some very happy little old ladies:

So ladies, who's ready for 16 October?!  If someone would like to host, please let me know, otherwise I'm happy for everyone to come to the Vicarage again!


PS Leah and I are going on an excursion this weekend:!

Monday, 5 September 2011

We meet again ... well soon anyway!

Hi girls

Another meet is upon us!  For those of us that are around this Sunday, we're meeting at The Old Vicarage at 2:00pm for a knit fest!  In aid of Age UK, we are going to aim to knit a hat for an innocent smoothie!  Thanks to Jod for the heads up, the link is here  Plenty of wool available, Jod has some needles, and there will be some patterns floating around so you should have all you need to make a little hat and get a warm fuzzy at the same time cause you'll be doing something good!

In the meantime, I'd love to know what you've been working on and attach a pici of my very first finished garment!  Try not to look too closely and just enjoy the overall view!


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Twisted Thread

Hi girls

Thought we'd put this one on the radar - a potential Eat, Sew, Laugh excursion!


Thursday, 31 March 2011

The day after ...

Thinking she'd made the biggest mistake in the world, Nec still managed to open up her lovely new home despite our second Eat, Sew, Laugh being the morning after the cocktail party of all cocktail parties (Old Man style). Noone would have known what had gone on the night before as it looked as if Candida had made a special visit to 97B, but no, it was Nec being the Domestic Goddess that she is while Al slept off his Barman's hangover. 
It was a slow start, with most nursing a fuzzy head and stomach to match meaning Helen's Bailey's iced muffins were not the favourite for some!

The day proved to be a success anyway, with Jod coming away with some earrings, Nec with a necklace, and Dale (reluctantly in her state) learning to make cushion covers under very strict instructions from Chris and turned out a very stylish cover for Reannan (much to her husband's despair).   Leah put into practice her photo taking skills following the fab course she took a few weeks back.  Proof is here!

Fortunately with all the cocktail drinking going on the previous night, guests did not have as much time to eat (though perhaps maybe should have), so we were lucky to be able to devour Nec's delicious zucchini slice and spanakopita as well as some sweet treats brought along by the not so hungover girls.

Next meeting is at Leah and Michelle's on Sunday 22 May at 1:00pm:
9 Calcott Court
Blythe Road
W14 0PN
(hangover optional)

There are plans for a shopping day to stock up for our next session so look out for that!

Leah & Chris